Capacity Building

Time and again YCDA with the help of it’s partners have organized various teachers training in order to bring modern and effective teaching techniques. Over the years the attitude of the teachers have been changed due to the implementation of the star school programme, training on class room management and multi class room teaching techniques empowered the teachers to increase their skill on effective methods of teaching.

Impact -

  • Follow up Training Of Trainers (TOT) on use of TLM and class room transaction & Management, 40 numbers of senior teachers, head teachers and CRCCs were trained for preparing the low cost and no cost TLM, activity based methods of teaching and classroom transaction.
  • The master trainer programme has been promoted under the star school programme and the trainers are helping to the other teachers in their school for using the activity-based methods of teaching
  • The main objective of the programme was to build capacity of a group of teachers so that they can train other teachers in their areas.
  • In collaboration with Education Department of Government, we identified potential Teachers/Head Teachers and some CRCCs and organized various training programme.
Teachers Training

The community people and parents have been sensitized to take responsibility towards the better education of their wards, monitor the school MDM and children performance in school.

The SMCs are now playing a major role for enrollment and retention of the children, they ensure that the parents and teachers are keeping in touch and are contributing to prepare the SDP focusing the difficulties of the quality education in the class room.

Change is a major challenge for schools.- Economic, social and technological change creates increased pressures and expectations. Changing pupil needs necessitate ongoing educational innovation. Schools want what is best for their pupils- They want to provide a quality education that meets the demands of a constantly changing environment.

Impact -

  • Out of 46 schools management committee 32 numbers of SMC are meeting every month without fail with 70% attendance. And one of the member visits the school during the MDM, actively respond to Child issues and monitor during unit tests of the school.
  • One SMC federation has been established among the 46 schools and have prepared the common agenda for the advocacy. And with their effort 11 numbers of additional class rooms have been constructed.
Capable School Management