15 Nov

Millet's food festival

The Agriculture and Fishery Department of Angul hosted the Millet Food Festival at the PTC ground from November 28th to December 2nd’ 2023, aimed to raise awareness and promote the nutritional value of millets, emphasizing their sustainable cultivation and potential role in addressing food security and health issues.
During the festival, YCDA had the opportunity to set up a stall showcasing various millet-based dishes and culinary innovations. The event encouraged people to incorporate millets into their regular diet, highlighting these ancient grains' nutritional benefits, such as their richness in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, the festival provided a platform for farmers and chefs to collaborate and explore the versatility of millets in crafting delicious and nutritious meals.
The Millet Food Festival served not only as a culinary showcase but also as an educational and cultural event. It aimed to foster appreciation for both traditional and innovative uses of millets while promoting their cultivation and consumption for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.