Practitioners Manual for Children Living in family-based Care DO’s and DONT’s During COVID-19Pandemic

Practitioners Manual for Child Care Institutions DO’s and DONT’s during COVID-19 Pandemic

CSE - Integration in School Curriculum Report

"Mo Kath Mo Kahani": A project on integrating Comprehensive Sexuality Education in the Schools of Boudh District

Impact Analysis Report on STAR School Education Programme

This programme was a taken up by YCDA with support from EDUKANS Foundation, Netherlands. 100 nos. of schools across Boudh district were taken and provided with STAR facilities based on 5 predefined indicators. This report has the impact analysis of the programme.

Children Report Card 2017

Children Report Card 2017 by Children of Boudh District, Supported by YCDA and KIDSRIGHT

Education Partner Assessment Report

This report was produced by an independent consultant to independently assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact for under privileged children in the age group of 6-14 years to identify strengths and weaknesses, and learning that can feed into planning of future programme.