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Western Orissa Education Watch

It’s a fundamental necessity of every child in society to have effective health care, free qualitative education, love & affection. But instead of getting assured of these necessities, many children spoil their childhood as cowboys, coping hand in household work, engage in agriculture, forestry, weaving etc. Their lost childhood creates least botheration for the society. Hence YCDA is actively involved to address the issue of education since its inception with support of  Edukans Foundation, Netherland .

The major  thrust of the intervention is to ensure basic education to all eligible children for strengthening  the formal education system , 100 percent enrollment and retention and  network with civil society organization including Self Help Groups in the district  from micro to macro level , develop their capacity to ensure that the underprivileged children access relevant education on a sustainable basis.

Project at a glance

YCDA initiated the programme on quality primary education  at  96 villages of 4 Gram Panchayat in Boudh and Kantamal Block of Boudh district  in the year 2007 under Western Orissa Education Watch Programme

No of GP 4
No of villages 94
School in project area 51
Children Club 60
Education Watch committee 51
CLA 11

Target Group:     
6-14 years school going and dropout children , 15-18 years dropout youth .


  • 100 % enrollment of children and retention monitoring
  • Improve the situation of existing local formal schools and ensure right to education of   under privileged children in the age group of 6 – 14 Years in school system.
  • Strengthen women groups, build up their capacity and facilitate them in linking up with various support agencies .
  • Introduce lifeskill education and livelihood skill education to make education more relevant


  • Poverty Reduction
  • Strengthening Civil  Society
  • Lobby and Advocacy

 Key Activities

Poverty reduction

  • Enrollment drive and retention monitoring in 58 schools.
  • Soft skill and livelihood skill Training to school goer’s children and non school goers children.
  • Sunday class and Special Sunday Class for school goers for capacity building of children .
  • Teachers training and meeting

Strengthening civil society

  • GP level consultation on quality education to Sensitize  different stakeholders on Orissa RTE rule.
  • Organize Panchayat level Result sharing workshop
  • Training to EWF, VEC and CLA members on their role and responsibility towards education issue.

Lobby and advocacy

  • Reality check in school about the programmes and activities, identify issue and consultation with district administration to address.
  • Agitation, Rally and submission of memorandum on books and teachers issues.


Small initiative but big changes 

Sujata, a member of Gochgora children’s  club started to cry as one visitor of WOEW asked her name during children club meeting .Suddenly everyone gets embarrassed and somehow GP volunteer of the panchyat managed the situation. In absence of her we came to know she is depressed after the death of his father .But she is continuing her study with help of small support of project. 

Sujata, 11 years   a semi orphan girl,is reading in Gochhagora primary school of Kantamal block of Boudh district. She lives with her mother and somehow earns her livelihood from daily labour . Due to poverty her mother can not fulfill the educational requirement of the child. Therefore, she suffers and occasionally she started to be absent in class.

At the time, YCDA planned to help to children under earn while you learn, where a child can earn at the time of learning. Sujata was involved in the programme and supported by 1 duck. Within couple of month duck gave chicks, costing Rs 30 per chick . She was trained on  how to rear duck. After 8 month the duck give birth of 10 chicks, which is sold for 1500 rupees and brought one goat for rearing. During last year the duck gave   birth to another 40 chicks which   she sold it in 3000 rupees and saved in near by post office by her name. Now she has 10 new chicks and the goat also gave  birth two new kids. Her  total  asset is around 8000 Rs She herself look after her ducks and Goat .Simultaneously goes to school, play with other children and She does not like to stop her study so soon.

Recent News

Thursday, 18 January 2018

YCDA celebrated its Silver Jublee on 12th& 13th January-2018.Here are some glimpses:

Inauguration of Blood donation camp on the eve of Silver Jubilee celebration

48 staffs & community members donated blood during blood donation camp

Avenue Plantation by Sri Narayan Das, Eminent Gandhian, on the eve of Silver Jubilee celebration

Plantation by Sri PanchananKanungo-Ex- Finance Minister, Govt. of Odisha on 12 Jan.2018 at YCDA premises

SarbadharamaPrathana by all the staffs & Management of YCDA on the eve of Silver jubilee celebration

Sri Narayan Das, Eminent Gandhianinaugurated the Seminar on “Development & Spiritualism “

Sri Pradip Kumar Amat,Hon’ble Speaker, Odisha Legislative Assembly inaugurated YCDA Silver Jubilee Pillar.

Sri Pradip Kumar Amat,Hon’ble speaker ,Odisha Legislative Assembly inaugurated Silver Jubilee Celebration along with Dr. AurobindoBeheraBehera,IAS(Retd),Sri MadhusudanMishra,IAS,collector &District Magistrate,Boudh, Dr. S.P Das –Prof. XIMB,Ms.SandhyaraniPattanaik-President YCDA & Mr.

Welcome song by the staffs of YCDA

Inaugural Speech by Mr. RajendraMeher, CEO YCDA

Sri Pradip Kumar Amat,Hon’ble Speaker ,Odisha Legislative Assembly inaugurated YCDA Souvenir “Foot prints”

Dr. AurobindoBeheraBehera,IAS(Retd),Sri Madhusudan Mishra,IAS,Collector&District MagistrateBoudhhonoured Children Champions

Sri MadhusudanMishra,IAS,collector&DM Boudhhonoured Community people for their outstanding contribution

Sri Pradip Kumar Amat,Hon’ble speaker ,Odisha Legislative assemblyhonoured Mr. RajendraMeher, CEO YCDA in the silver jubilee celebration

Mr. RajendraMeher, CEO YCDA honouredSri Pradip Kumar Amat,Hon’ble Speaker, Odisha Legislative Assembly during silver jubilee celebration

Sri.Laxminarayan Nanda, Child Protection Specialist, UnicefOdisha inaugurated the Seminar on “Children in Digital World” along withSmt. Madhusmita Das,Development consultant,Sri Rahul Pradhan, DCPO Boudh,BinapaniBhanja ,Representative , District Children Alliance,Boudh& Smt. BanishreePattanaik,DCPO,Khurda

Sri.Laxminarayan Nanda, Child Protection Specialist, UnicefOdisha,Smt. Madhusmita Das,Development consultant,Sri Rahul Pradhan, DCPO Boudh,BinapaniBhanja ,Representative , District Children Alliance,Boudh ,Smt. BanishreePattanaik,DCPO,Khurda& Children inaugurated the Children Magazine-“Prajapati” in the celebration

Performance by Children of Adruta, CCI Bhubaneswar in the Cultural Program

Logo Dissemination with stakeholders in all project offices of YCDA

YCDA Resource Centre at Bhubaneswar:


YCDA Regional Office,Bolangir:


Project office Belpada:


Project office Khariar:


Project Office Ghantapada:


YCDA, Odisha is going to celebrate its 25th Year “Silver Jubilee” on 12th& 13th January-2018. In this Occasion, on 9th December 2017 the new logo was inaugurated by the staffs and management in the premises of YCDA .



Mr. Rajendra Meher (CEO)

Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)
At/Po - Baunsuni, Tikirapada Road
Dist-Boudh, Odisha-76215, India
Tel- 9437194954/ 7750018377
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : www.ycdaindia.org

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