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Childrens Alliance for Child Rights


The project Children’s Alliance for Realisation of Child Rights’ is basically focused towards the child participation in different forum started from the community to the national level. YCDA in collaboration with “Save the Children” implemented the project in Boudh district from 2011-2014 . It was aimed to create an opportunity for the children of the rural area of Orissa to understand their right realise it and share their own view in different forum. The project not only tells simply participation, it tells about the meaningful participation so it focus to both the side one is the children side their thought, view, emotion & activity and in the other side opportunity available for them in the various level. It was focused towards the community and the stake holders to realize the children’s right and to give them the opportunity to express their view & value their view.

Specific objective:-To ensure full and meaningful participation of children in Boudh  district  of Orissa to effectively engage in planning, implementation and monitoring of child development programmes and be directly represented in local, state and national decision-making and follow up processes.


Target group -All children upto the age group of 18 are the target group of the project .


  • Child Rights Mapping  - Sectoral Analysis at the village level (Education, Health, Nutrition and Sanitation, child participation
  • Stakeholders’ orientation and training on ICPS (Parents, VCPC,PRI members)
  • Orientation to district children network on lobby and advocacy
  • Formation of district Children’s Network & orientation
  • Quarterly awareness raising meeting of children ( child labour,World human rights day, CRC week ,hand wash day etc)
  • Enrollment drive and campaign
  • Submission of Charter of Participation standard and Protocols to duty bearer
  • Promotion of ‘Child Reporters Group’ & the group produce quarterly communication materials
  • Bi annual meeting and training of district children network
  • Information sharing exchange visit
  • District level consultation of child reporters and mainstream media



  • Child Right mapping of 30 villages developed, reviewed and shared at Village, Panchayat and District level.
  • Awareness has been created among the children, parents and other stakeholders on various children issues.
  • 30  village level child protection committee has been formed and 250 CPC members were oriented on their role and responsibility and Integrated child protection schemes.
  • 40 nos. of Panchayati Raj representatives has been oriented on integrated child protection schemes and child participation.
  • Child rights facilitator including field coordinator, District children network members has been oriented on integrated child protection schemes, lobby & advocacy.
  • Media group’s children have been trained on creative communication and publication of news paper.
  • District administration has been sensitized on child participation issues.
  • Special grievance day for children has been organizing regular basis in all 5 Gram Panchayat.
  • Children’s voice has been accepted at School management Committee, Child Protection committee and Panchayat meeting.
  • Gram Panchayat is now focussing children issues during planning and executing.
  • Children are now giving inputs to the mainstreaming media to highlight their issues.
  • District children network members have been giving input to the concern department of district administration about their issues and problems.
  • Children Panchayat members are regularly attending at special grievance day and approached the Panchayat to focus children issues.


Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)
At/Po - Baunsuni, Tikirapada Road
Dist-Boudh, Odisha-76215, India
Tel-06841 228377 / 228455 / 7750018377
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : www.ycdaindia.org

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