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Western Orissa Education Watch


 WOEW  is collective efforts of group of NGOs lead by Youth Council for development Alternatives (YCDA) supported by Edukans foundation ,Nederland and Development Focus ,Bangalore within a defined geographical area to ensure “Relevant Education” for under privileged children in the age group of 6-14 years with add on component of life skill and livelihood skills .
The major thrust of the programme is to network with civil society organization including Self Help Groups in the region from micro to macro level and develop their capacity to ensure that the underprivileged children access relevant education on a sustainable basis.

Project  at a glance 
Total District-5
Gram Panchayat- 18
Primary & Upper Primary schools-169
Total population- 85792

Name of the Institution AJKA ADARSA SIDI PAP RARE SHARP YCDA Total
No of GP 2 2 2 4 2 2 4 18
No of villages 13 11 31 19 26 49 94 243
School in project area 15 12 17 21 25 28 51 169
Children Club 15 12 16 18 29 31 60 181
Education Watch committee 15 12 16 18 25 28 51 163
CLA 4 5 6 6 4 5 11 41

Total Children- 23212

Implementing Partners (LINK)
ADARSA –Sambalpur , SIDI- Sambalpur, RARE –Sonepur, AJKA-Bargarh, SHARP –Boudh, PAP Bolangir &YCDA Boudh

Target group 
Marginalised school going, Non going and Dropout children of 6-14 years    and youth of 15-18 years.

Project goals
To ensure access, relevance and quality  primary education for the marginalised children of 6-14 years    and youth of 15-18 years  within a period of three years (2014) with a focus on Education and Work


  1. To ensure 100% enrolment and 90% retention of children  at primary level(aged 6 1 4years/class 1 - 8) with quality education
  • The partner organizations/federated bodies developed their competencies and expertise to handle the education issue more strategically along with the local authorities.
  • District forum, in cohesion with State forum work as a pressure group to influence policy level changes  to bring child- friendly curriculum, integrating life skills and livelihood component in carrriculum.


  • Poverty reduction
  • Strengthening civil society
  • Lobby and Advocacy

 Poverty reduction

  • Enrollment campaign
  • Lifeskill education for school goers and non goers
  • Sunday clas and special Sunday class (child rights)
  • Livelihood education 

Strengthening Civil Society

  • Strengthening federation of CBOs
  • Organizing  stakeholder conclave
  • Regularizing meeting of CBO federation

Lobby & Advocacy


  • Rally and campaign on education issues
  • Reality check and consolidation with district level Govt counterpart


Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)
At/Po - Baunsuni, Tikirapada Road
Dist-Boudh, Odisha-76215, India
Tel-06841 228377 / 228455 / 7750018377
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : www.ycdaindia.org

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