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Community Mental Health Programme


Mental illness is a chronic problem of all over the world in the present time .Community mental health programme focuses the people with mental illness (PWMI). Peoples with Mental Health issues suffer from social exclusion in terms of poverty, health amenities, employment, education, cooperation etc. They are burden of community. There is need to create awareness among the community to develop a perspective & approach towards mental illness and making the services available to the needs of the PWMIs. Taking into account the felt need of the PWMIs, YCDA with the support of Basic Needs, India has initiated community mental health programme to bring about a change.

Project at a glance
District    Bouh
Block      Harbhanga, Kantamal and Boudh 
Village    197
Boudh Municipality  3 slum area

Target Group

Mentall Illness – Sesizophernia, Bipolar, Depression,Mania, Obsessive complexity disorder, Substantive  abuse ,Psychosis, Phobia.


The major objectives of the programme is  to identify PWMI and ensure regular treatment by psychiatrist , creating awareness among the stakeholders on mental health issues and  bring changes through advocacy at policy level and ensure the availability of psychiatrists and medicines in the district.

Key activities

  • Identification of people with mental illness (PWMIs).
  • Organizing community level awareness generation programme.
  • Organizing health camps to   promote diagnosis treatment, generate provision of medicine & follow up visit.
  • Capacity building of stakeholders, caretakers, volunteers & the community.
  • Constructive engagement with the line departments to help the PWMIs in accessing different schemes.
  • Sensitizing media on issues of mental health.
  • Advocacy at district level for the availability of psychiatrist & supply of medicines at district hospitals.
Develop IEC materials (posters & leaflets)  .


Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)
At/Po - Baunsuni, Tikirapada Road
Dist-Boudh, Odisha-76215, India
Tel-06841 228377 / 228455 / 7750018377
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : www.ycdaindia.org

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