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Model Village


YCDA in collaboration with DF is working towards building a model village at Gochhagora village of Kantamal block focusing on livelihood and entrepreneurship promotion for self sustainance. Major thrust will be on strengthening community based organisation and creating a cadre of volunteers which will help the community to get access to basic services, relevant information, to develop linkages and convergence with appropriate line dept in a sustainable way. The model village would see a visible change in the livelihood pattern and increased measurable income of targeted families.

Target: The primary target groups of the Programme are the poorest of the poor and at the same time the most marginalized. These groups have been identified as landless labourers, dalits, tribals, small and marginal farmers and other minority groups with a special focus on women, children, and people with distress migrants. The second target groups are different types of duty bearers, Community based committees, primarily local community leaders, Gram Panchayat and District administration.

Period: March 2014-February 2015

Operation area: Gochhagora village of Khuntigora Gram Panchayat

Specific objectives:

  • Create Village a better place for community development with access to quality education, employment, Income generation and livelihood.
  • Improve economic status of 70% of the poor households by ensuring sustainable livelihood and self employment ventures through skill development, Agriculture development, Income generating activities based on the need, interest and market potentiality of the target area.
  • Create model Village to demonstrate the government and other non-governmental organisations for replication in the region.


  • Develop Village Profile & Micro Plan.
  • Build volunteers at community level.
  • Capacity Development of stakeholders and volunteers.
  • Livelihood promotion and market support.
  • Convergence with different schemes and poverty alleviation programme .
  • Develop Village Recourse Centre/Facilitation centre
  • Promote Community based monitoring system


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