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Action for Good Governance and Sustainable Rural Livelihood

Introduction of the Project

Good Governance and Rural Sustainable Livelihood Project attempts to implement Government programme and schemes, Right based community managed initiatives and models of sustainable livelihood .
Major thrust of the programme is  to ensure participation of the women in  decision making process within  family, outside family ,facilitate  access over the resources and strengthening local self-Governance. The project is being supported since the year 2004 with support of CASA, Kolkata.

Project at a Glance

25 villages of Khamanmunda and Khuntgura GP ,Kantamal block of Boudh district.

Population 10612   No. of Schedule Caste 254
Total Household 1762   No. of Schedule Tribe 547
No. of villages 26   No. of OBC 933
No. of GPs - 2 Khamanmunda
  No. of General 28
No. of Block - 1 Kantamal   Number of BPL families 1401
Name of the District Boudh   No. of land less families 349

Other profile
Primary schools - 19
High School – 2
New PHC – 1
ANM Sub centre – 1
Anganwadi centre – 12
PDS centre - 2
Target Group  

small, marginal and landless households of SC,ST,OBC  and socially marginalized groups and women community 


  • Enabling community of SC, ST and other backward classes for sustainable socio economic and political development and gender justice through community empowerment and strengthening of local Self Governance  
  • Enhance production/income of the small, marginal and landless households of SC,ST and socially marginalized groups by introducing new methods  and appropriate technology.
  • Capacitate women to increase their self awareness, confidence and exposure and come out with visible work and explorative relationship.
  • Develop the capacity of elected representatives of the area for preparing need based planning and implementation  mechanism.
  • Enhance the socio economic awareness level of the people and facilitate their interface with Govt bodies and micro representative bodies so that they become capable of availing Govt  programme and exercise their civic rights .
  • Enhance the level of understanding among the community and staffs of NGO on various issues and formulate strategic intervention   .


Following major programme component were identified where series of activities were organized during the period

  1. Capacity Building
  2. Source of Livelihood
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Good Governance

Key Activities

  • Capacity building of the VDC, ADC and PRI members .
  • Capacity building of community leader and  women organization on gender issuses.
  • Capacity building of the women PRI members on self governance.
  • Organize block dist, level workshop on FRA/CFR.
  • Establish network of VLO leaders and partner NGOs.
  • Campaign on FRA and sustainable agriculture practices.
  • vegetable cultivation

Develop IEC materials, books, poster, on gender and livelihood related issues. 


Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)
At/Po - Baunsuni, Tikirapada Road
Dist-Boudh, Odisha-76215, India
Tel-06841 228377 / 228455 / 7750018377
Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : www.ycdaindia.org

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